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Breathtaking sunsets

Walkers & hikers as well will have the time of their life in Skiathos. Its nature is abundant and green throughout the year: the forests carry the scent of wild mint, oregano and thyme. A climb to the antique ruins of the castle in Kastro is definitely worthwhile: the eagles nest with the mighty stronghold flies high above the violent waves that crash into the sharp rocks below, as did the pirates trying to invade the island centuries ago. On the way back, ancient olive orchards paint a perfect background for the breathtaking sunsets Skiathos is famous for.

The best place to admire the abundant colors of the setting sun?
The lounge terraces of the OHLIVE Villas.

Skiathos: a piece of paradise in the Sporades in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea

The shores of the Greek island are embraced by more than 60 picture perfect sandy beaches and impressive rock formations. Nowhere in Greece you will find more kilometers of beach fun per kilometer of coastline.

From sunrise in the East till sunset in the West, you will enjoy discovering one beach after the other. From large party beaches to private hidden treasures – for each his own.

We are clearly not the only ones adoring these beaches: ​​the readers of Condé Nast Traveler voted Skiathos the best island for its beaches in the whole wide world in 2019: https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/best-islands-beaches

And also in the category of ‘Best Greek Islands to visit in 2020’ Skiathos is included: https://www.cntraveller.com/gallery/best-greek-islands-beaches

Skiathos town

The production of the 2008 box office hit Mama Mia! brought stars like Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep to the island and showed the romantic charm of the island to the world.

The old harbor town is heaven on earth for shopping aficionados and fans of authentic restaurants and trendy cocktail bars. The maze of narrow alleys and cozy squares is always filled with pleasant crowds, and in the shadow discovering the many shops & stalls is a true delight. If you would choose to enjoy a freddo cappuccino on one of the many lovely terraces overlooking the harbor – and you should – you will find the spectacular view completed by the many colorful fishing boats and luxury yachts that float around in the warmth of the Greek sunshine.

Kechria Beach

In the pure and unspoiled West of the island lay the Mandraki natural reserve and some of the most beautiful beaches of Skiathos, like Elias Beach, Aselinos Beach and Kechria Beach.

The 3 OHLIVE Villas are located in the heart of an old olive orchard on a hill above Kechria Beach. The frontal sea view overlooks the spectacular bays of Mandraki in the South, while in the West the most amazing sunsets paint unforgettable colors over the sea and the Pilion penisnsula.

The main road of Skiathos connects the crowded beaches at the East coast of Skiathos, where most mainstream tourists spend their time. That’s why you will get the most out of the unique location of the villas with a 4×4 Suzuki Jimny as your travel companion. Exciting rides through the forests and olive orchards bring you to beaches that remain hidden gems for most holidaymakers. And that natural beauty is here to stay: the OHLIVE Villas are an exceptional project in a place surrounded by a natural reserve. No construction will ever be allowed there – so the overwhelming view will remain untouched in the future.

To Skiathos

It’s easy to fly directly to Skiathos from different locations in Europe.

You can find an overview of all countries and airports flying directly to Skiathos on the website of Skiathos Airport. No direct flight available? Regular flights bring you from Athens to your piece of paradise in 45 minutes.

Want to read more about the island? Have a look at the article that was published in Blue Magazine (Aegean Airlines) lately.